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What Is Laser Cutting Protective Film?

Laser cutting protective film is a specialized material designed to shield the surfaces of materials, such as acrylic, glass, or metal, during the laser cutting process. Back coat,rubber layer,base film work together to create a laser protection film that is effective at blocking or mitigating the impact of laser radiation, ensuring safety for individuals and equipment in various industrial and research applications. The specific composition and properties of these layers can vary depending on the manufacturer and the intended use of the laser protection film. It serves multiple purposes, including:

Key Features:

Laser cutting protective films come with features like adhesive backing for easy application and removal.

Benefits: They prevent damage from laser heat, debris, and scratches, ensuring a pristine cut and preserving the material's quality.

Types of Laser Cutting Protective Films

●Laser cutting protective films come in various types tailored to specific needs:

Transparent Films: Ideal for materials where visibility is crucial.

Colored Films: Provide additional protection against harmful UV rays.

UV-Resistant Films: Designed to safeguard against UV damage, perfect for outdoor applications.

●There are three different models of laser cutting protective films

1. PF582CS - General-Purpose Laser Cutting Protective Film:

Designed to be a versatile and dependable solution for laser cutting applications. It offers protection not only during laser cutting but also for a variety of other applications where material surfaces need safeguarding.

PF582CS provides a balance between protection and clarity, ensuring that your workpiece remains unharmed while allowing for clear visibility during the cutting process.

It is an excellent choice for those seeking a reliable protective film suitable for a wide range of laser cutting projects and beyond.

2.PF32C - Highly Transparent Fiber Laser Cutting Protective Film:

PF32C is specifically engineered for fiber laser cutting applications where transparency and precision are of utmost importance.

This model offers exceptional transparency, allowing operators to closely monitor the laser cutting process with clarity. It ensures that every cut is precise and meets the required standards.

PF32C is the ideal choice for industries that demand high levels of precision, such as electronics, medical devices, and fine metalwork.

3. PF82C - High-Performance Fiber Laser Cutting Protective Film:

For those seeking top-tier performance in fiber laser cutting, PF82C is the go-to choice. This protective film is designed to accommodate unlimited cutting speeds, making it suitable for high-speed and high-precision applications. PF82C is engineered to withstand the challenges of demanding laser cutting processes, offering protection against intense heat and energy. It ensures that your equipment and materials are shielded from potential damage, even at high speeds.

When precision and speed are essential, PF82C is the solution that meets these demands, providing reliability and performance beyond expectations.

These three models cater to a wide spectrum of laser cutting needs, whether you require a versatile protective film for general use, a highly transparent option for precision work, or a high-performance film for high-speed applications. Each model is tailored to address specific requirements in the laser cutting industry, ensuring that your projects are executed with precision, protection, and efficiency.

Applications of Laser Cutting Protective Films

●Stainless Steel and Aluminum:

Laser cutting protective films are extensively used to safeguard the surfaces of stainless steel and aluminum materials. These films provide protection against scratches, abrasions, and other potential damage.

●Plastic Plates:

They are also ideal for protecting the surfaces of plastic plates, particularly aluminum plastic plates. The films ensure that the plates remain in pristine condition during handling and transportation.

●Smooth Surfaces:

Laser cutting protective films are suitable for any smooth surface, offering a versatile solution for protection against scratches and wear.

●Matte Plates and Spray Plates:

These films are equally effective on matte plates and spray plates, ensuring that the surface finishes remain flawless.

●Electroplated Surfaces:

Electroplated surfaces benefit from laser cutting protective films, which prevent damage and preserve the quality of the finish.

●Shoes Material:

Even shoes material can benefit from these protective films, keeping shoe components in excellent condition.

●Rubber Surfaces:

Special rubber surfaces are not exempt; laser cutting protective films protect against wear and maintain the rubber's integrity.

●Fluorocarbon Surfaces:

For surfaces with fluorocarbon coatings, these films offer essential protection, ensuring the longevity of the finish.

●Deep Draw Process:

Industries involved in deep draw processes find these films invaluable for safeguarding products and materials during manufacturing.

●Automotive Surface Protection:

Laser cutting protective films play a significant role in the automotive industry, preserving the appearance and quality of vehicle surfaces.

These protective films are versatile and well-suited for various applications, from laser cutting to automotive surface protection, ensuring the integrity and quality of surfaces across industries.


At Guangdong NB Technology Co., Ltd., we've been cultivating a culture of quality since 2010. Located in Foshan city, Guangdong province, China, we stand as a seasoned protective film manufacturer with a firm commitment to excellence. Our dedication to quality is underscored by our ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification and ISO14001:2004 environmental certification.

Spanning over 12,000 square meters, our well-equipped production base accommodates a dedicated R&D laboratory with a team of more than 15 skilled researchers. With the operation of six automatic production lines, we achieve an impressive annual production capacity exceeding 20,000 tons. Furthermore, we extend the convenience of OEM/ODM services to meet your unique requirements.

Excellent Supplier of Laser Cutting Protection Film

Advanced Production Equipment: We continually invest in cutting-edge production equipment to ensure stable quality and swift delivery of our protective films, recognizing the paramount importance of efficiency in your operations.

Diverse Applications: Our protective films find applications across a broad spectrum of industries, encompassing the deep-drawing process, electronic devices, household appliances, aluminum profiles and sheets, windows and doors, stainless steel sheets, plastic sheets, carpets, marbles, glasses, and more. Our films are versatile, catering to your specific needs.

Personalized Turnkey Solutions: With our experienced R&D team and advanced facilities, we take pride in offering tailored protective film turnkey solutions, acknowledging the uniqueness of each project.

For laser cutting protection film needs, Guangdong NB Technology Co., Ltd. is your dependable partner. We offer a winning combination of quality, expertise, and an unwavering commitment to your success! Contact us now!

Laser Cutting Protective Film

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RH-70D black and white rubber PE protective film is made of special polyethylene (PE) film as the substrate and rubber glue as the main material of pressure-sensitive adhesive, through coating, slitting, packaging, and other processes. It is mainly used for the protection of stainless steel, aluminum composite board and other glossy materials, frosted board, sprayed board, aluminum profiles, electroplated board, shoe materials, rubber, and other special surfaces, and it is especially suitable for the surface protection of laser cutting, stamping processing, and other production processes. The protective film has good softness, excellent laminating performance, good stability of pressure-sensitive adhesive, good sticking and tearing, and no residual adhesive.


Performance Parameters

SubstrateSpecialty polyethylene(PE)
Glue typeRubber
Thickness70±10 um
SpecificationWidth:customized-1500 mm  Length:500-1000 m
Film colorBlack and white
PrintingCustomized according to the customer
Adhesion1.0±0.3 N/cm
Tensile strengthLongitudinal (MD) ≥ 13 N/mm2 Transverse (CD) ≥ 9 N/mm2
Elongation at breakLongitudinal (MD) ≥ 140 % Transverse (CD) ≥ 300 %
Shelf life180 days

Production Process



    In the film blowing process, we always use advanced all-in-one production equipment by which the film blowing process, final rewinding process and rolling process can be done.



    We always keep investing in the most advanced machine to produce premium protective films for our customers, such as this multifunctional electronic protective film making machine that features all-in-one production process like coating, drying and final rolling.



    In the coating process for electronic protective films, our production team strictly has the glue formula and coating machine data checked and regulated during the whole process to ensure the stable viscosity of our films.

  • Packaging


    We use standard seaworthy packaging to pack the stretch wrap films for you to avoid any possible damage during the transit and storage, you can also enjoy customized packaging from our side.



    In the final rolling process, our state-of-the-of rolling machine can precisely and accurately roll the finished electronic protective films to the exact sizes we need for our customers.

Container Stuffing

  • Protective Film for Deep Drawing

    Protective Film for Deep Drawing

  • Transportation of Protective Film for Deep Drawin

    Transportation of Protective Film for Deep Drawin

  • Packing of Protective Film for Deep Drawin

    Packing of Protective Film for Deep Drawin

  • Loading of Protective Film for Deep Drawin

    Loading of Protective Film for Deep Drawin

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