PET Protective Film



PET Protective Film

PET protective film is also known as biaxially oriented polyester film (polyethylene terephthalate), density 1.4g/cm³. PET protective film is a plastic film made of PET as the base material, coated with acrylic (or silicone, etc.) adhesive on one side and laminated with release film.

The glue system of PET protective film production line from NB is acrylic glue and silicone, acrylic glue is the main, the glue performance is stable, good temperature and weather resistance. The viscosity of our regular products is usually below 60g, but we can also customize according to the viscosity of customers.We can also produce PET grid and plain PET protective film upon request.

The PET protective film is ideal for protection of target product in the middle of process, transportation, and it's also one of the main material of packing for finished product.

Features of PET Protective Film

PET has good abrasion resistance, tensile strength, solvent resistance and light transmittance. Good adhesion, easy to paste, peel off, and peeling off without residual glue.

Various adhesion are available. Widespread application, and able to apply on various materials. Variously applying to the component, the intermediary goods and the finished products.


Applications of PET Protective Film

● The PET Protective Film from NB is perfectly applicable to the protection of optoelectronic products, such as cell phone lens, polarizer, LCD optical mirror, LCD panel, touch screen, and etc..

● Protecting for electronics related products: display panels/sheets for mobile devices, ITO film,

● Protecting for plastic panels/sheets: Acrylic, Polycarbonate, PVC, PET, Formex, and etc. 

● Protection for steel sheets: color coated steel sheet, stainless steel sheet, and aluminum sheet, etc. 

● Protecting for released goods: home appliances, automobile, furniture, and etc.

● Temporary transfer of electronic products fixed.

● All kinds of film, tape die-cutting carrier.

● Transfer paste and waste discharge.


Item namePET Protective film
Brand nameNB
Prime materialPET protective film also known as biaxially oriented polyester film (polyethylene terephthalate)
Functional LayerPET protective film is a plastic film made of PET as the base material, coated with acrylic (or silicone, etc.) glue on one side and laminated with a release film.
Peeling strengthUsually below 60 g, but we can also customize according to your actual requirements.
Glue formulationThe adhesives are acrylic glue and silica gel, mainly acrylic glue. The glue has stable performance and good temperature and weather resistance.
Cutting and slittingAs per your requirement
ColorVarious colors for you to choose from
MOQAbout 600Kgs
Delivery timeWithin 15 days through peak and off season for you
SampleFree sample is always available for you to test our quality
PackingThese protective films are packed in cartons or pallets if LCL
Payment methodT/T / L/C /Cash or negotiable
HS Code3919909090 
ApplicationsApplicable to photoelectric products: Protection in the process of processing, mobile phone lenses, polarizers, LCD optical mirrors, LCD display panels, touch screen production. Temporary transfer and fixation of electronic products; As well as die-cutting carriers of various films and tapes; Transfer and waste disposal.

Production Process



    In the film blowing process, we use advanced production equipment and imported raw materials to strictly control the protective film quality from the source.



    We always keep investing in the most advanced machine to produce premium protective films for our customers, such as this multifunctional electronic protective film making machine that features all-in-one production process like coating, drying and final rolling.



    In the coating process for electronic protective films, our production team strictly has the glue formula and coating machine data checked and regulated during the whole process to ensure the stable viscosity of our films.



    In the final rolling process, our state-of-the-of rolling machine can precisely and accurately roll the finished electronic protective films to the exact sizes we need for our customers.



    We use standard seaworthy packaging to pack the films for you to avoid any possible damage during the transit and storage, packing of customization is also available for you.

Container Stuffing

  • PET Protective Film Packing

    PET Protective Film Packing

  • PET Protective Film Loading

    PET Protective Film Loading

  • PET Protective Film palletization

    PET Protective Film palletization

  • PET Protective Film Transportation

    PET Protective Film Transportation

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Our PET Protective Film for your business?

More than one good reason why you choose our PET protective film, you will be benefited from our following advantages:

● Fast lead time: within 15 days in both peak and off-season.

● Strong production capacity: more than 20,000 tons of protection films per year.

● Quality assurance: ISO9001: 2008 Quality Management System Certification.

● Competitive pricing: we provide you with the most competitive direct factory pricing.

● OEM & ODM services: we have a professional engineer team to serve you with OEM and ODM.

● Free sample: you can get our free protective film samples for quality testing.

● Money-back guarantee: if you receive any defective protection films from our side, we will take full responsibility and help you sort out the issues without causing you any extra troubles or costs.

Welcome to contact us to get more detailed specification or customization of our high quality PET protective film from NB, the professional protective film manufacturer, supplier and exporter. We will guarantee the quality of our products and services to meet higher standards and requirements of worldwide customers. Feel free to get in touch with us for professional assistance and protective film solutions.

PET Protective Film

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