Protective Film for Marbles and Ceramics



Overview of PE Self-Adhesive Protective Film For Marbles and Ceramics

The surface of the marbles or other similar stone materials such as granite, ceramic tiles is extremely vulnerable to dust, dirt, or worker traffic in processing, installation, and shipping. However, the protection method from these kinds of factors can be made possible with the help of our PE protective films. Our PE protective films take great pride in possessing excellent self sticky, strong tear resistance, and puncture resistance. They are easy to apply and peel off by hand, above all. There is no residue glue left on the surface after the removal. No matter what your marble surface type is, our PE protection films will get it all covered for you.


1. Super strong tear resistance and puncture resistance.

2. Super self sticky and can be adhesive to the surface firmly.

3. Environment-friendly and is a safe material for pets and people.

4. Can be quite easily applied and removed since they are user-friendly.

5. There is no residue glue left behind on the surface after removal.

6. ISO9001: 2008 Quality Management System Certification.

7. ISO 14001: 2004 Environmental Certification.


Item description:PE self-adhesive protective film for marbles
Brand name:NB
Prime material:Polyethylene (PE)
Application:Protect the surface of marbles or other stone materials
Hardness:Very soft to touch
Adhesive type:PE self-adhesive protective film
Adhesive strength:Medium
Peeling strength:125-450 g/25mm
Heat resistance:60℃
Width:10-1600 Mm
Thickness:0.02-0.20 Mm
Feature:Waterproof and no residue on the surface after removal
Film blowing:Raw material (self-viscosity) is turned into a film in just one step
Cutting and slitting:As per your requirement
Color:Transparent, blue, green, black, white or customized for you
MOQ:About 600Kgs
Delivery time:Within 15 days through peak and off-season for you
Sample:Free sample is always available for you to test our quality
Packing:These protective films are packed in cartons or pallets if LCL
Payment method:T/T / L/C /Cash or negotiable
HS Code:3919909090 for this PE self-adhesive protective film
Customized service:We can accurately customize the most suitable viscosity for you according to the material of your product. Because the surface smoothness of different materials determines the viscosity of the protective film.

Production Process



    In the film blowing process, we use advanced production equipment and imported raw materials to strictly control the protective film quality from the source.



    In the printing process, we use environmentally friendly painting by introducing advanced production techniques and equipment, it is now possible to print four patterns and colors in one film.



    We use imported glue and strictly control the quality of finished films, to achieve moderate viscosity and ensure no residue after the removal, also provide you with a good experience of use.



    There are seven machines in our cutting workshop, each and every one of them can be adjusted to cut different lengths of protective films to meet your needs.



    We use standard seaworthy packaging to pack the films for you to avoid any possible damage during the transit and storage, packing of customization is also available for you.

Container Stuffing

  • Protective Film for Deep Drawing

    Protective Film for Deep Drawing

  • Transportation of Protective Film for Deep Drawin

    Transportation of Protective Film for Deep Drawin

  • Packing of Protective Film for Deep Drawin

    Packing of Protective Film for Deep Drawin

  • Loading of Protective Film for Deep Drawin

    Loading of Protective Film for Deep Drawin

Why Choose Us

Why choose our PE self-adhesive protective film for marbles and stones?

One good reason is not enough, we are giving you 7 to think about.

You will be benefiting from our following advantages.

1. Fast lead time: within 15 days through peak and off-season.

2. Strong production capacity: more than 20000 tons of protection films per year.

3. Quality assurance: ISO9001: 2008 Quality Management System Certification.

4. Competitive pricing: we provide you with the most competitive direct factory pricing.

5. OEM & ODM service: we have a professional engineer team to do this for you.

6. Free sample: you can get any of our free protective film samples for quality testing.

7. Money-back guarantee: if you receive any defective protection films from our side, we will take full responsibility and help you sort out the issues without causing you any extra costs.

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