Why Is Paint Protection Film Becoming So Popular?

Jul. 20, 2022


The paint protection film is a hot topic in today's town and more and more people are choosing it. You may be wondering why this is the case. The answer is simple. Paint protection film allows your car to maintain its shiny texture and glowing appearance while protecting its exterior from any scratches or minor damage. When someone scratches your vehicle, the paint itself is not damaged, but the paint protection film absorbs all the abuse. In other words, your car looks the same as it did when it first left the dealership.


Paint protection film installation is well known in Europe, and now the detailing industry is booming in Asia and North America. Why not? After all, people have realized that a small investment in your car at the beginning can save you a lot of money. When you are paying for a paint job years down the road, you will find that getting your paint protection film early will be a wise choice.

PE Protective Film

PE Protective Film


In addition, the numbers show a similar trend. The detailing industry has grown many times over the past few years, indicating that more people are choosing paint protection film and other services than in the past decade. In 2012, the Canadian beauty industry was worth about $700 million. By 2021, that figure has increased to $999.2. This figure would have been higher if there had not been a coronavirus pandemic in the past two years.


The upward trend is visible and the size of the market appears to increase even more in the coming future. Experts say the market will grow by 7.1 percent in 2021, which means it won't be long before Canada reaches the $1 billion mark.


But growth isn't always so rosy. If you compare the growth rate for 2021 with the trend over the past five years, you'll see that the detailing business is growing at just 0.6 percent per year. The sluggish growth in the detailing industry may have disappointed some, but the nervousness should now subside. The gears have shifted and after 2021, you can expect the market to go much higher from where it is now.

 Protective Film for Car

 Protective Film for Car             

Why is detailing and paint protection film (PPF) more important now than ever?

If you're a customer, you should be happy to know that the growing industry is attracting more professionals to the industry. This means more competitive pricing, better service, and customer satisfaction than ever before. In other words, it's now even more advantageous to have the best paint protection film installed on your vehicle.


Think of it as a long-term investment plan. If you get paint protection film now, you will be able to reap the benefits later when you want to sell your vehicle. As you know, the resale value of a car depends on its condition. Therefore, buyers will look for a well-maintained vehicle rather than one that looks worn out.


The paint protection film protects the exterior and its layers do not allow any scratches to touch the original paint. As a result, you won't leave any swirl marks, you won't lose shine, you won't cause any damage, and most importantly, your car will always look as good as new.

Protective Films

Protective Films

There are two ways to scratch on your vehicle.


- Through dirt and grime

- Having a small accident


When it comes to pollution, there is a lot of it in the atmosphere. Excessive dust and dirt in the air mean that when you park outside, a lot of dust can be deposited on your vehicle. This is not inherently harmful to your car.


The real damage occurs when you try to remove the dust from your vehicle. You should not use a regular cloth to wipe away dust. Instead, you should only use a microfiber towel to clean the surface of your car. Even so, you should rinse off any excess contaminants with water before proceeding with the microfiber.


However, the average car owner does not remember this, and scratches are imminent. It is best to get a PPF so that you can wipe and rub the surface without damaging the original paint.


Possible Business Opportunities

If you have a DIY spirit and are looking for a new opportunity to start your own business, there's nothing better than joining the detailing trend. We've shown above the potential of this industry. It will continue to grow and grow to unimaginable heights. So it's wise to learn the tricks of the trade and start your adventure now.


But to do so, you need to know all about the details. You can start by learning about paint protection film and how to have it professionally installed on your vehicle. So you will only benefit from knowing about it in the future.

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