PE Self-adhesive Protective Film for Deep-Drawing



Adhesive Protective Film

We have to face up to the fact that the surface of the stainless steel sheets or other similar products are pretty vulnerable to any scratches, damage or big dent caused by the mighty machine during the deep-drawing or fabrication that tries to turn them into various products such as washing sink, trash can, barrel, dining plate or something like that. However, the protection from this kind of process can be made possible with the help of our adhesive protective film. 

Our adhesive protective film for deep-drawing are proudly possessed of excellent adhesion strength, tensile strength, and elongation. The PE self-adhesive protection films are easy to apply and peel off by hand. There is no residue glue left on the surface after the removal. No matter what your surface is(stainless steel 2B, BA, or 8K and etc), our PE self-adhesive protection films can cover for you. 

If you need a better solution for protection of stainless steel sheets, welcome to contact us and get to know more about our adhesive protective film.


Adhesive Protective Film For Deep-Drawing

1. High elongation and tensile strength to withstand machine processing.

2. Have a very good deformation behavior during the deep-drawing.

3. Compatible with all kinds of surfaces of stainless steel sheets.

4. Can be quite easily applied and removed since they are user-friendly.

5. There is no residue glue left behind on the surface after removal.

6. ISO9001: 2008 Quality Management System Certification.

7. ISO 14001: 2004 Environmental Certification.

Applications of Adhesive Protective Film

  • Electronics related products: display panels/sheets for mobile devices, ITO film, and etc..

  • Plastic panels/sheets : Acrylic, Polycarbonate, PVC, PET, Formex, and etc.. 

  • Steel sheets: color coated steel sheet, stainless steel sheet, aluminum sheet, and etc.. 

  • Articles for daily use: home appliances, automobile, furniture, and etc..


Item description:Deep-drawing PE protective film for stainless steel sheets
Brand name:NB Protective Film
Prime material:Polyethylene (PE)
Application:Protect the surface of the stainless steel sheet during deep drawing
Elongation rate:We are able to make the elongation rate between 600% to 1000% for your sepcial requirements.
Adhesive type:Single-sided PE self-adhesive protective film
Adhesion:600+ or as per your requirement
Thickness:60 mic or as per your requirement
Sizes:W1240mm*L500m/R or we can customize it for your requirement
Roll weight:34.5Kgs per roll or according to your request
Feature:Heat resistant, moisture-proof and no residue on the surface after removal
Film blowing:One-step process from Raw material (self-viscosity).
Cutting and slitting:As your requirement
Color:Transparency or we can customize other colors for you
MOQ:About 600Kgs
Delivery time:Within 15 days through peak and off-season
Sample:Free sample available for your quality testing
Packing:In cartons or pallets if LCL
Payment method:T/T / L/C /Cash or other negotiable methods
HS Code:3919909090 for this PE self-adhesive protective film
Customized service:

* We can accurately customize the most suitable viscosity and heat-resistant level PE protective film for you according to the surface smoothness as well as the production

 environment of your products. 

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Production Process



    We always insist on using imported raw materials to produce PE self-adhesive protective films so we can strictly control the quality from the source. Our PE self-adhesive protective films are environmental-friendly and free of pungent odor.



    In the film blowing process, we always use advanced all-in-one production equipment by which the film blowing process, final rewinding process and rolling process can be done.



    The final rewinding process and rolling process can be done with our advanced all-in-one film production machine to ensure the production efficiency for our customers.



    We use standard seaworthy packaging to pack the films for you to avoid any possible damage during the transit and storage, packing of customization is also available for you.

Container Stuffing

  • Protective Film Loading

    Protective Film Loading

  • Protective Film Transportation

    Protective Film Transportation

  • Protective Film Packing

    Protective Film Packing

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    Protective Film Loading

Why Choose Us

More than one good reasons for why you choose our heat restistant PET adhesive protective film, you will benefit from the following advantages of adhesive protective film:

1. Fast lead time: within 15 days in both peak and off-season.

2. Strong production capacity: more than 20,000 tons of protection films per year.

3. Quality assurance: ISO9001: 2008 Quality Management System Certification.

4. Competitive pricing: we provide you with the most competitive direct factory pricing.

5. OEM & ODM services: we have a professional engineer team to serve you with OEM and ODM and custom adhesive protective film products according to your needs.

6. Free sample: you can get our free protective film samples for quality testing.

7. Money-back guarantee: if you receive any defective protection films from our side, we will take full responsibility and help you sort out the issues without causing you any extra troubles or costs.

NB Technology can offer you the best solutions for adhesive PE protection film for stainless steel products and any other products. welcome to contact us and know more about our adhesive protective film. We're always ready for serving you with better products and services!