Three Tips For Choosing PE Protective Film

Jan. 11, 2022

PE protection film is so widely used, then how to buy PE protective film, has become a top priority, the protection film supplier made up today to buy three PE protective film techniques, to share with you! as follows:


The first: see the degree of light penetration

This is difficult to identify with the naked eye, it is best to use optical instruments to determine, there is a relatively simple way, is to select PE protective film were cut a small piece of computer desktop in the middle one by one paste, and then build on the computer A blank WORD document to check the extent of the whitish WORD document blank on the area where the computer has a film and no film or a different film area (the professional point is called brightness). By contrast, the brightest material can be selected and its transparency is the best protective film.

Protective Film for Glasses and Mirrors

Protective Film for Glasses and Mirrors    

Second: Look at a haze

1. PE protective film haze how to see it? The first thing to do is to turn off the monitor. The method is the same as above. After the protective film is pasted in order, the clearer the color of the computer screen is, the smaller the haze is. The smaller the haze is, the better the material is. This method It’s easier to see the difference if you use a black test board.


2. In a slightly dark room, open a fluorescent lamp, remove the PE protective film up and down from the film and hold it between the eyes and the light by hand, you look carefully to see if there is a layer of mist in the PE protective film Evenly distributed, it is the culprit that affects haze. The more serious the haze is, the more haze the material is, and the worse the material is. On the contrary, it means the better; (note that haze will affect the penetration rate, but Transmittance is two different concepts!)

 Protective Film for Deep Drawing

 Protective Film for Deep Drawing     


Third: Look at static electricity

Since the LCD device is sensitive to static electricity, the static electricity should be as small as possible when the protective film is attached. The test method is to prepare the PE protective film to be tested (3 layers or 2 layers) and smoke a cigarette to hit the ash on the desktop.


Or make a little confetti on the desktop, and then peel off the top protective film of the PE protective film (for the three layers of material with this step), then tear off the protective layer of the silicone layer, tear off the layer of PE Immediately when the protective film is used, the layer (silica gel surface) is used to get close to the soot or paper dust, and it is observed whether the protective film will adsorb these substances onto the silicone layer of the protective film and whether the degree of adsorption is strong. The more intense it is, the higher the static electricity generated by this material is, the worse the material is, and vice versa.


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