How to Deal With Uneven Thickness of Stretch Film?

Apr. 20, 2021

As a Stretch Film Manufacturer, share with you. Stretch film is currently used in many industries, and uneven thickness of stretch film is one of the main factors affecting product quality. Let us take a look at the reasons and solutions for the uneven thickness of the stretch film products provided by the stretch film wholesalers.

Shrink Wrap Film

Shrink Wrap Film

During the production process of the stretch film wholesaler, if the heating temperature is set unreasonably, the thickness of the stretch film will be uneven. Because the temperature directly affects the flow of the melt in the mold runner and is related to the longitudinal thickness distribution of the product, please check whether the heating device and the temperature control device are damaged. Whether the temperature of the heating zone is reasonable to ensure that the heating temperature is stable. Some dies have uneven gaps, some parts have large gaps, and some parts have small gaps, resulting in more or less extrudates. Therefore, the thickness of the formed stretched film is also not uniform, and some parts are thin and some parts are thick. At this time, we only need to adjust the gap between the die holes of the head to ensure that all parts are uniform.

In the production process of stretch film wholesalers, it is also easy to encounter a problem that the air supply around the cooling air ring is uneven, resulting in uneven cooling effect, which makes the thickness of the stretch film appear uneven. At this time, we need to adjust the cooling device to ensure that the air output from the air outlet is even. If the pulling speed is not constant and constantly changing, this will also result in uneven thickness of the stretched film produced. At this time, please check the mechanical transmission to keep the traction speed constant. The stretch film wholesaler stated that the production of stretch film must be carried out in strict accordance with the operating specifications and procedures to ensure the quality of the product. If problems are found in the production process, they must be resolved in time.

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