How to Solve the Phenomenon of Film Breakage in the Stretched Film?

Apr. 07, 2021

In the production of stretch film, some film breakage may occur. In fact, this is quite normal, especially for products such as plastic film. It is very tolerant to damage. When we produce stretch film Membrane rupture is generally divided into transverse membrane rupture, longitudinal membrane rupture and detachment membrane rupture. Among these, transverse membrane rupture is more common, because stretched membranes are most likely to rupture when they are stretched horizontally at a high speed. How to effectively prevent it from breaking the membrane during production? Next, Scratch Protection Film Manufacturer will introduce several solutions for you!

Scratch Protection Film

Scratch Protection Film

1. Adopt the edge holding device and suitable edge holding force, and adopt the edge holding system to make the part of the blank flange have a suitable axial force to compress, so as to improve the ability of the stretched film material to resist tangential bending deformation.

2. Choose a material with a reasonable degree of deformation and good plasticity. The degree of deformation can be greater. For cylindrical parts with a large height, multiple stretches can be used, otherwise wrinkles and cracks will occur due to excessive deformation of the flange.

3. Increase the non-stamping process to improve the plasticity of the stretched film material. The degree of deformation of the stretched part is greater, and the amount of deformation of each part is also inconsistent. It gradually increases from the bottom to the wall of the cylinder, so the degree of deformation and hardening of each part is also changed from Gradually increase from the bottom to the top, the deformation and hardening at the mouth of the workpiece are the most serious. For the workpieces that are stretched and formed for multiple times, intermediate annealing procedures are often used to recrystallize the material, eliminate deformation and hardening, and improve the plasticity during the recovery period. Quality and can also reduce the number of stretching.

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