Advantages of PE Protective Film

Aug. 16, 2021

Your product must withstand a great deal during transport, assembly, and storage. A simple film cover is often not enough to provide sufficient protection from mechanical loads. Materials that just rest loosely upon the product can easily slip off, throwing open the doors to damage due to scratches or dirt. Films with coatings often cause undesirable residues. PE self-adhesive protective films use polarization to stick reliably to the surface. They minimize the risk to the product and can be removed without leaving an adhesive residue.


As a renowned and experienced manufacturer of films, NB offers you top-quality PE protective films at attractive prices – for many applications. We are happy to advise you on whether and how you should use film to reliably protect your products from scratches, dirt, and grease during transport and processing.     

 Protective Film for Deep Drawing

 Protective Film for Deep Drawing

As a protection film manufacturer, NB focus first and foremost on meeting the needs of our customers. This means offering a large variety of quality products at great prices. Such as PE protective film for metal, PE protection film for deep-drawing, PE protective film for furniture, PE protective film for household appliances, temporary glass protection film, PE protective film for carpets, etc.  

Applications for surface protection film from NB

Self-adhesive surface protection films from NB are not just suitable for glass, but for all varnished and smooth surfaces, including metals and furniture. One big advantage of adhesion films is that they can be removed afterward without any glue residue. As all NB protective films are made from 100% polyethylene, without conventional coatings, they are very easy to recycle. Self-adhesive protective films from NB are available in many different glazed and opaque colors. This qualifies them for numerous applications: from simple surface protection to attractive product presentation.  

Protective Film for Glass

Protective Film for Glass

Advantages of PE Protective Film

Use protective film to prevent damage and problems in the production process

In addition to scratches that may damage the product directly, dirt and grease on individual components can result in problems for the production process. Components which are to be galvanized must be free from grease and dirt. Even fingerprints can negatively affect downstream manufacturing and processing steps. This means grease on surfaces is more than just a cosmetic problem.


These risks can be minimized with suitable PE self-adhesive protective plastic films which stick directly to the product; whether the product is made from glass, metal, or plastic. So for these applications, NB provides pure PE protective films as self-adhesive protective films (adhesion films), which do without the addition of glues or adhesives. The industry has based the concept of adhesion without glue on physical phenomena from the natural world: for example, geckos can walk across windows upside down, even without suckers.

Protective Film for Windows and Doors

 Protective Film for Windows and Doors     

NB protective film can also handle difficult tasks

NB surface protection film offers the typical advantages of self-adhesive PE films on smooth surfaces thanks to adhesion and excellent rub resistance – because the product is only reliably protected when the film sticks reliably and securely to the surface. Our PE protection film is available as an opaque version (thus providing outstanding protection against UV rays) or a highly transparent version. Excellent transparency is important for product presentation where the overall impression of the product must be retained, for example, with furniture.NB protective films not only give your product the best protection but present it perfectly too. 

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