Why Is the Glass Door of the Shower Room Fixed with an Explosion-Proof Membrane?

Mar. 19, 2024

In recent years, the increasing incidents of "glass explosions in shower rooms" have eroded consumer confidence and trust in inferior shower room products, raising concerns about safety. Some consumers have developed a subconscious fear, perceiving their shower enclosures as potential "time bombs," apprehensive that they might be the next victim of a sudden glass breakage. Consequently, many consumers opt to enhance safety measures by applying an explosion-proof membrane onto the shower room glass. What do consumers understand about these explosion-proof membranes for shower room glass?


Shower Room Explosion-proof Film

Shower Room Explosion-proof Film

Why is it necessary to apply an explosion-proof membrane to the shower room?


The explosions in regular shower rooms often result from the use of substandard tempered or even untreated glass. While such glass may withstand high temperatures and cold, it is unsuitable for shower room use. Even with tempered glass meeting standards, there is still a risk of spontaneous breakage.


Issues often arise with the maintenance and usage of shower rooms by their occupants. If a sharp object scratches a crack into the tempered glass, it may lead to an explosion. The national standard for tempered glass in shower rooms indicates a self-explosion rate of three thousandths. Despite careful handling of tempered glass, the risk of self-explosion remains, potentially resulting in physical harm. By applying a glass film, even if the film experiences self-ignition, it can be affixed to a suitable location until safely removed, thus reducing the risk of personal injury and enhancing protective measures.


Secondly, let's consider the features of the explosion-proof membrane. The explosion-proof membrane for shower room tempered glass is crafted entirely from PET transparent polyester fiber. It boasts high strength and tensile strength, with a remarkable elongation rate of 160%. Additionally, it demonstrates robust resistance to both acids and alkalis, while retaining its physical properties even under high temperatures.


Thirdly, let's discuss the maintenance and application of the explosion-proof membrane:


1. The glass film is primarily applied through dry bonding, allowing for immediate use after the coating process. This method ensures fast application and high efficiency. However, in the case of special films or curved glass, any blurring may gradually diminish over a period ranging from two to six weeks, depending on factors such as product type, humidity, temperature, and duration. Eventually, any remaining water spots will diminish until they completely disappear.


2. Following the installation of the glass product, it is advisable to refrain from cleaning or wiping the glass for at least two days. During this period, any changes in appearance are a natural part of the bonding process for the explosion-proof film.


2. The glass explosion-proof membrane features an anti-scratch coating on its surface. With proper maintenance, the attached glass film can remain illuminated for many years. To achieve optimal results, it is recommended to use a soft, clean cotton cloth along with a common household high-efficiency glass cleaner or a weakly acidic cleaner.


4. During transportation or packaging, ensure that the flexible glass material is completely separated to prevent accidental damage.


5. Operating temperature: Suitable for use in environments ranging from -30°C to +80°C.


6. Avoid intentionally tearing off the corners with your hands.


7. Refrain from using detergents (whether powder or liquid) containing abrasive powder.


8. Avoid using strong acid cleaning solutions, such as sulfuric acid or hydrofluoric acid.


9. Do not wipe with steel wool or similar metal or plastic materials.


10. Avoid using razors, scrapers, or blades to wipe or scratch the surface.


11. Refrain from using thick paper towels, abrasive cloths, or sandpaper for cleaning.


In summary, despite the reinforced glass used in shower rooms, consumers are advised to purchase the accompanying explosion-proof film for added safety when acquiring shower room products.

Shower Room Explosion-proof Film

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