What are the Problems and Maintenance Methods of Protective Film Degumming?

Nov. 11, 2020

What problems and maintenance methods does the Glass Surface Protection Film Manufacturer have for the protective film degumming? The problem of degumming of protective products is more reflected in the protective film of the profile. When the user tears the protective film from the surface of the profile after installation and construction of the profile, the viscose represented by the protective film does not accompany the protective film, but remains on the profile. 

Glass Surface Protection Film

Glass Surface Protection Film

The reason for the above phenomenon may be that the pressure glue used in the protective film product does not meet the requirements, and it is also too viscous, which causes the external tension of the PE protective film product to be greater than the internal stress and remains on the profile. At this time, a clean rag can be moistened with a small amount of alcohol, and the sensitive adhesive residue can be repeatedly wiped until the sensitive adhesive is wiped clean, but it should be noted that you should not use too much force during the wipe, otherwise it will affect the finish of the profile product. .

Not only that, some protective films themselves have static electricity, so it is easy to attract nearby dust. After a long time, it will become very dirty. If it is not cleaned in time, dirt will form after a period of time, making it more difficult to clean. And what we need to do is to maintain the protective film. There are also many disadvantages in the maintenance problem. Incorrect maintenance will increase the degree of damage to the protective film or affect its use.

For example, if the protective film is cleaned with water, if it is not dried in time, the protective film will lose static electricity and self-adhesion for a long time. If it is dried in the sun, the protective film will become hard and unusable, etc. Therefore, if there are special requirements, tape can be used to isolate the protective film from the outside world.

When the protective film is dusty, dry paper towels can be used to remove the dust, while washing with water is the opposite. Because the protective film is electrostatically charged, it can make small dust form part of the protective film, which is difficult to remove. Although oil stains cannot directly damage the protective film, if it is stained, the protective film cannot protect the object and lose its material. Therefore, oil stains must be avoided during maintenance.

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