Advantages of PE Protective Films

Nov. 23, 2021

PE protective film is becoming more and more useful in its use, and its variety is everywhere in the market. the biggest advantage of PE protective film is that the products being protected are produced and processed in PE protective film and transported. During storage and use, they will not be contaminated, corroded, or scratched, maintaining the original bright and shiny surface, which in turn improves the quality and market competitiveness of the product.


Suitable for sticky PE protective film

1. PE protective film is easy to stick and easy to tear.

2. Long storage period: more than one year in storage, no change in quality.

3. Stability of peeling force: little change over time, i.e. the smaller the increase in peeling force, the better.

4. Good weather resistance: in the sun exposure conditions, the use period of up to six months to a year.

5. No pollution, no corrosion: the adhesive is inert, no chemical reaction with the surface of the object is stuck.

6. Excellent mechanical properties: to meet the user's requirements for tensile strength, modulus of elasticity, elongation, etc.

PVC Protective Films for Plastic Parts and Surfaces

PVC Protective Films for Plastic Parts and Surfaces     

PE protective film production principle

1. PE protective film adhesive (glue) has viscoelastic polymer, film, tear film.

2. The main factors affecting viscosity: wetting, penetration.

3. Film: the adhesive layer can be in close contact with the surface of the bonded object and flow into the grooves of the surface of the bonded object as far as possible, thus increasing the effective contact area.


The main factors affecting adhesion

Wetting: pressure-sensitive adhesives can only achieve close contact if the surface of the bonded material is well wetted, creating the conditions for molecular movement and diffusion of physical and chemical bonds: pressure-sensitive adhesive molecules move to the surface of the bonded material when the bonding distance between the two is less than 5A, physical and chemical bonding occurs.

 PET High-Temperature Protective Films

 PET High-Temperature Protective Films     

PET high temperature resistant protective film overview

PET high-temperature resistant protective films are mainly used for the protection of aluminum substrates during the oxidation process; for the protection of electronic circuit boards during soldering; and for the protection of various metal sheets and aluminum profiles during high-temperature spraying.

Our heat-resistant PET protective films are mainly made of specially formulated PET coated with special silicone, which makes them easy to adhere to and remove from the surface of the object, i.e. they have very good adhesion and peeling properties. What's more, they can withstand high temperatures of 90-230°C. That's why our heat-resistant PET protection films are so easy to apply and remove. That's why our heat-resistant protective films are good for your business.


Benefits of PET high-temperature resistant protective films

1. Able to withstand high temperatures of 90-230°C. 2. resistant to solvents, acids, and alkalis.

3. Good adhesion to a wide range of non-polar material surfaces. 

4. Temperature resistance can be adjusted to suit your requirements.

5. Very easy to apply and peel off, does not leave any glue on the surface. 6. ISo9001: 2008 quality management system certification.

Guangdong NB Technology co., Ltd. is a long-standing protective film manufacturer, China. We have been able to obtain IsO9001: 2008 quality management system certification and Iso14001: 2004 environmental certification. If you are looking for a trustworthy company to PE protective films in your project, welcome to contact us today or request a quote.