Uses of Temporary Surface Protection Films

Nov. 09, 2021

Construction companies and firms performing refurbishments often require surface protection solutions. NB offers temporary surface protection films and tapes to keep surfaces safe while you work. From carpets to appliances, we offer products to cover a wide range of surfaces.

What type of temporary surface protection are you in the market for? Explore your many options below and contact us if we can provide support or assistance in your search.

The many uses of temporary surface protection

Our temporary surface protection has many applications. Use our surface protection film rolls to cover carpets during renovations or to cover stone worktops when you are redesigning your kitchen. In these cases, you may be working in an environment where you need to protect existing components while updating and improving adjacent areas. 

Tough, durable, and effective surface protection tapes can provide this security, allowing you to work faster and with more confidence. 

 PE Protective Film for Carpet  

PE Protective Film for Carpet

At NB, we focus first and foremost on meeting the needs of our customers. This means offering a large variety of quality products at great prices. Our PE protective films have been widely applied to the deep-drawing process, electronic devices, household appliances, aluminum profiles and sheets, windows and doors stainless steel sheets, plastic sheets. carpets, marbles, glasses, etc.

Explore our surface protection solutions

Find a wide range of temporary surface protection tape solutions in our stock. Options include.

  • Carpet protection film: Get a protective film that can simply be applied to your carpet and is also easy to remove to protect it from muddy shoes and other damage during construction or renovation.

  • Flooring protection film: Carpet is not the only type of flooring that requires surface protection. Tile, hardwood, and other flooring materials can also be protected with our temporary surface protection films and tapes.

  • Window protection film: rolls of protective film can also be used to secure windows during construction or refurbishment.

Protective Film for Glass

Protective Film for Glass    

Quality you can trust

When you're considering temporary surface protection films and tapes, quality is important. You need to be able to apply them safely, but you also need to remove them quickly, without leaving any residue or other damage. Know that our PE self-adhesive protective films will stay stuck in place until you're ready to remove them, so you can work safely. 

Ease of use is one of the reasons our customers keep coming back. Our surface protection films unroll easily from the roll, stay in place throughout the project and leave no residue. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality temporary surface protection films to meet all your needs.

The quality you get at NB without sacrificing affordability. Many tape companies offer inexpensive products imported from overseas. While these construction site protection products may be available at a low price, they don't perform as well as they need to. 

At NB, we offer a large range of clear removable protective film sheets that meet the highest quality standards, but we offer these solutions at low prices every day. When you choose us, you get real value for money on surface protection films and similar products.

Let us help you find the best temporary surface protection film for your needs. Welcome to contact us today or visit our website to learn more about the PE self-adhesive protective plastic film.