How to Prevent and Avoid Self-Explosion of Shower Room Glass?

Dec. 18, 2023

Glass shattering incidents in shower rooms are not uncommon, especially during the autumn and winter seasons when accidents tend to occur more frequently. Understanding the causes behind these occurrences and implementing effective preventive measures is crucial to reducing the risk of glass breakage.


Does the spontaneous bursting of toughened glass indicate poor quality? Not necessarily. While improper installation or inadequate maintenance during use can lead to tempered glass breakage, it doesn't always signify subpar glass quality.

Quality of Tempered Glass:


Spontaneous explosions of toughened glass, occurring without direct external force, are termed as spontaneous explosions. While improper installation or maintenance can trigger such events, the primary reason often lies in the quality of tempered glass produced by the manufacturer. In shower rooms, tempered glass should ideally be at least 6-8mm thick to ensure durability.


Improper Installation of Shower Room Glass:


Faulty installation methods may also trigger glass explosions. Processing, transportation, storage, and construction processes can introduce defects like scratches, chips, or edge damage, leading to stress concentration and eventual tempered glass breakage. Additionally, installing glass at angles or altering its original shape can provoke similar issues.


Inadequate Maintenance Leading to Self-Explosion:


During routine use, shower glass may shatter due to impact from sharp objects or abrupt temperature changes, among other factors. Regular maintenance is essential to prevent such occurrences.


Understanding these potential causes and taking proactive steps in proper installation, quality assurance, and regular maintenance can significantly mitigate the risk of tempered glass breakage in shower rooms.

Shower Room Explosion-proof Film

How to reduce the risk of bathroom glass explosion?


Addressing the potential issue of spontaneous glass breakage involves several solutions. These include considering specific purchase and installation options, as well as implementing post-processing measures aimed at minimizing the risk of self-explosion in tempered glass details.


1. Apply an Explosion-Proof Film in Shower Rooms


Most shower room products available in the market often lack an explosion-proof film on the glass due to aesthetic preferences. However, attaching an explosion-proof film on your own can prevent glass from shattering when it spontaneously explodes. When selecting this film, opt for an internationally certified safety film approved by the Window Film Association for its reliability in producing safety films.


The primary advantage of these films lies in their ability to enhance safety. By containing shattered glass, they significantly reduce the risk of injuries caused by sharp glass fragments, making bathrooms safer for users.


The application of these films reinforces the structural integrity of the glass. They help mitigate the impact of external forces or stressors that might otherwise cause spontaneous glass breakage. By providing an added layer of protection, these films contribute to the overall durability and safety of shower enclosures.


Investing in shower room explosion-proof film can potentially save homeowners from substantial replacement expenses. Instead of having to replace an entire glass panel in the event of breakage, the film keeps the shattered pieces intact, reducing the need for immediate replacement and saving both time and money.


2. Other solutions to reduce bathroom glass explosion


a. Ensure Proper Installation of Glass Doors


To prevent tempered glass from spontaneously shattering due to incorrect installation, it's advisable to request professional on-site installation from the manufacturer when purchasing the product. This helps avoid damages resulting from improper installation and eliminates accountability issues post-damage. During installation, it's crucial to refrain from cutting the glass, as tempered glass can only be shaped before tempering, not afterwards. Any post-tempering alterations may easily lead to glass breakage.


b. Opt for High-Quality Tempered Glass


A minimum criterion for tempered glass is obtaining product certification with the 3C mark. When examining the glass—particularly through polarized sunglasses—tempered glass should display colored streaks, and visible blue spots without sunglasses. Additionally, note the curvature of tempered glass, which isn't perfectly flat like ordinary glass but exhibits a sense of unevenness, especially on the longer sides.


c. Safeguard Critical Glass Corners


The center of tempered glass is its strongest point, while the corners and edges are the most vulnerable. Cracks in these areas can lead to the entire glass panel shattering. Analogous to the safety hammer positioned on bus window corners, leveraging the properties of tempered glass, it's crucial to protect the corners of shower room glass in daily life. Regularly check for any cracks in these vulnerable areas to prevent potential breakage.



In conclusion, incorporating shower room explosion-proof films offers a proactive and effective solution to prevent self-explosion of shower room glass. The various types available cater to different needs, ensuring enhanced safety, durability, and cost-efficiency in maintaining glass shower enclosures.

Shower Room Explosion-proof Film

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