How to Choose a Protective Film?

Mar. 12, 2021

As a Metal Protective Film Manufacturer, share with you.

With the continuous development of technology and the continuous improvement of quality of life, more and more tools are produced and put into people's work and life. At this time, protective films have quietly entered this huge market. The protective film has a wide range of uses. Digital products need it to protect the screen and casing, automobiles need it to enhance the privacy protection performance of car windows, and foods need it to help keep them fresh. I believe many people have been urged to choose products with sufficient viscosity and no glue when selecting related products. So, in several commonly used glues, what are their respective performances?

Protective Film For Aluminium Profiles and Plates

Protective Film For Aluminium Profiles and Plates

1.Acrylic glue. It is widely used. The main component is a polymer active substance, which has good transparency and stability. It is not easy to degummed and remains. The produced glue has two kinds of water glue and oil glue, which can meet the needs of different viscosities. . However, any kind of glue is not perfect. Acrylic glue has a mediocre performance in terms of exhaust. Friends who have this requirement should pay attention to it. 2. Silica gel. This is a new product born on the basis of glue made of acrylic acid. It is mainly used for the protection of 3c products. It has good air exhaust and is not easy to produce bubbles, so it is more suitable for consumers to operate the film by themselves. 3. Rubber glue. The advantage of this type of glue mainly reflects the tolerance of its products. Rubber glue can be applied to the surface of products with different degrees of smoothness.

The above are the three kinds of glues currently used in the mainstream of protective films. It can be said that they have their own advantages and disadvantages. It is difficult to generalize and simply make comments like "good" and "bad". Our company also has Protective Film For Aluminium Profiles and Plates on sale, welcome to contact us.