Five Tips for Buying PE Protective Film

Dec. 13, 2021

PE protective film is so widely used, so how to buy PE protective film, has become a matter of urgency, as a PE protective film supplier, NB has compiled five kinds of tips to buy PE protective film, share with you! As follows.


First: see the degree of light transmission

This is difficult to discern with the naked eye, it is best to use optical instruments to determine, there is a relatively simple method, is to choose PE protective film in the middle of the computer desktop cut a small piece of a piece of paste, and then on the computer to create a blank WORD document, view the computer with a negative and no negative area or a different negative area (professional point called brightness) on the degree of white WORD document blank. In contrast, you can choose the brightest material, which has the best transparency to protect the film.

PE Protective Film

PE Protective Film


Two: look at the haze

1. PE protective film haze how to see? The first thing to do is to turn off the monitor. The method is the same as above. After the protective film is attached in order, the clearer the colour of the computer screen, the smaller the haze. The smaller the haze, the better the material. This method is easier to see the difference if you use a black test panel.


2. In a slightly darker room, open the fluorescent lamp, tear off the PE protective film from the film up and down, hold your hand between your eyes and the lamp, and look carefully to see if there is a layer of fog inside the PE protective film Evenly distributed, is the culprit of fogginess. The worse the haze, the hazier the material, the worse the material. On the contrary, it means better; (note that haze affects light transmission, and light transmission is two different concepts!)


Three: look at the static electricity

As LCDs are sensitive to static electricity, the static electricity should be as small as possible when applying the protective film. The test method is to prepare the PE protective film to be tested (3 layers or 2 layers), smoke a cigarette to hit the ash on the desktop. , or do a little colorful confetti on the desktop, and then tear off the PE protective film above the protective film (for this step of the three layers of material), and then tear off the protective layer of the silicone layer, tear off a layer of PE protective film use immediately with the layer (silicone surface) near the soot or confetti, observe whether the protective film will adsorb these substances to the protective film of the silicon layer, the degree of adsorption is strong. The more intense it is, the

Security Window Film

Security Window Film     

Fourth: look from the head

1. PE protective film anti-scratch, anti-scratch is currently more concerned, the current anti-scratch material on the market are basically similar (2-3H), performance is also good, only anti-scratch not anti-scratch. The test method is to use a pencil with a hardness of 3H to push the PE protective film 10 times with a force of 500 degrees at an angle of 45 degrees. The scratch-free condition is considered to be as high as 3H.


2. One simple method is to use a slightly harder metal device or a newly cut nail on the PE protective film and scrape it with the power of an ordinary stylus, if it is easy to scrape it is not scratch resistant, not scratching it can be determined that it has a scratch-resistant function.


Fifth: anti-fingerprint

In recent years, the screens of many products have become larger and larger, and more and more smartphones are using capacitive touchscreens (touching with your finger instead of the old resistive screens). PE protective films are increasingly required to have anti-fingerprint features.


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