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Apr. 20, 2023

Guangdong NB Technology Co.. Ltd. is a long-standing protective film manufacturer. Our protective films have been widely applied to the deep-drawing process, electronic devices, household appliances, aluminum profiles and sheets, windows and doors, stainless steel sheets, plastic sheets,carpets, marbles, glasses, etc. This year we will participate in the Shanghai exhibition. The following is the specific information of the exhibition.

Exhibition Poster

Exhibition Name

The 19th Shanghai International Tape & Film Expo

The 19th Shanghai International Flexible Package Expo

Exhibit Time

June 23-25, 2023

Exhibition Location

Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center (NECC.CHINA)

Exhibition Address


Booth: 1A19

Company Contact Information

TEL:+86 158 1691 5404 E-MAIL:sales@nbprotectivefilm.com SKYPE:lingmai2005

Looking forward to your arrival!

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